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Kosa: creative, playful, passionate and professional!

Meet our Art Director

Zarina Kosugi

We specialise in creating bespoke designs whether that be temporary or permanent installations. Our flexibility allows businesses to have maximum input on their idea.

Kosa Art group provide innovative decorations for specialist shops, events and boutique theatres in UK, Europe and Japan. Kosa’s team are highly talented, enthusiastic fine artists, sculptors and set designers who understand that our clients need for creative bespoke decor to meet their unique and specific requirements.

We want you to love our designs as much as your potential clients will! During our initial meetings our core team will sit with you to discuss actualising your concept or how we can design for you.

Kosa Art Group Clients
Science Museum
Vivienne Westwood
Arbuzz Project
Holly Bush
Cancer Reasearch UK
Knight Frank
Festival Republic
Hedonism Wines
Hampstead Village
La Coqueta