Primitive 2015

This project was our first experience working with shops as an individual artist, after which we have been hired to work independently on their windows. We have registered a company and started creating Windows by Kosa!

Murder at the Gallery | 2016

A murder scene was created by our team to accompany a recent exhibition of a contemporary artist in London. We were asked to make a cartoon-like murder scene right on the gallery floor!


We were approached by a very unusual venue – a fusion of restaurant and a club, who wanted Christmas decorations without traditional festive tropes. Their request was: “no Christmas tree, colorful and bold look, make it done within 2 weeks.“ <br> We decided to go with a fun tropical/sunny theme – different variations of cacti, […]

The Great Pussy Wave | Tokyo 2017

We have created a Great Wave inspired by work of famous Japanese artist Hokusei. Our contemporary take on the artwork also has some reference to the Tsunami that happened in 2011 in Japan. Combining these two significant events we created an impressive art installation in the client’s hotel room. It was installed on the 56th […]

EMOJI Display St Valentines Day @Hedonism Wines, London UK 2018

výzdoba výloh

We created an absolutely unmissable window display in the central London this February 2018, spreading loving mood over ST Valentines season! BIG Emoji on the side of the shop had lights inside the heart shaped eyes so it looked stunning at day and night! The Cute Cat on the other side of the store is […]