Holly Bush Pub | Christmas Decorations 2015

Traditional English Pub in the heart of Hampstead in London wanted to get decorated for Christmas and approached KOSA with a great enthusiasm. We decided to match the decorations to their seasonal Christmas drinks range and compliment the traditional pub building architecture.

Humpty Dumpty | Easter 2016

All easter eggs turned into Humpty Dumpty eggs! Inspired by a famous English poem we created a unique customer shopping experience by transforming the whole shop into a scenic fairy tale. A big Humpty Dumpty sculpture was seated on a brick wall in front of the shop greeting customers inside. It was a very popular […]

Candy Frank | Christmas 2016

A Christmas Display at Knight Frank real estate office in Mayfair in London. We created a bight and delicious look for the shop front based on Christmas Candy. A client wanted a living wall made to fit their window outside the shop. We designed, produced and maintained a living wall frame, delivered and planted plants […]

Hedonism Express XMAS 2018 London

This year we to took Hedonism Wines on a Xmas train journey across most famous vineyards! Festive, colorful and interactive display invites customers inside to explore the story within. Hurry! Train departing soon! ChooChoo and Merry Xmas everyone!