Window Display @ KOSCOM | Prague 2022

We were honoured to collaborate with the renowned Czech watch store, KOSCOM, on our final project of 2022. Our task was to decorate seven window displays featuring 11 major brands and to showcase the unique identity of each through its visual language. For Frederique Constant and Loee, luxury watches and jewellery – we added a […]

Winter Decor @Goddess Salon | Prague 2022

This Christmas, the Goddess salon stand out with a touch of nature in its interior seasonal decor. In keeping with the concrete walls of the space, we’ve handpicked only natural materials to create an inviting atmosphere. The reception area boasts a lush garland of fir, spruce, and thuja branches, paired with real crystal icicles and […]

Winter Decor @ Chateau Home | Prague 2022

Get ready to captivate the attention of all passersby with our enchanting winter-themed window display! In central Prague, we’ve crafted a frozen hypnosis for our cherished customers. The “Ice Cave” illusion is made with paper structures, coated in a transparent foil for a frosty appearance. This Mixed-Media installation is also illuminated with LED lights for […]

Xmas Worldwide rollout @ Vivienne Westwood | Worldwide 2021

Following the Xmas brief given by Vivienne Westwood’s VM Team, we produced custom frames with the Vacform method from recycled plastic sheets and original artwork printed on canvas. Vacform is a method that allows you to create very quickly, however, we then had to paint and fiddle with double-sided frames. We created, delivered and installed […]

“Fashion Journal” Window Display @ VaNa 1 | Prague 2021

The Fashion Journal theme was inspired by the location of the shop itself. VaNa1 is located in the centre of Prague with a great footfall of tourists in the heart of the busiest shopping street. “Journal/ scrapbooking/ travelling” was chosen as a theme to relate to both locals and tourists. We created oversized journal pages […]

Spring Window Display @ La Chateau | Prague 2022

We love when clients give us freedom to offer fresh ideas that have never been done before! This is the case with La Chatau – we simply put together a sample and they confirmed it. We both share a love for recycling old into new – giving a new life to used or disposed-of objects. […]

Summer Window Display @ Best Collection | Prague 2022

A cheerful update to some dusty windows that make a huge difference – they won’t be dusty anymore! We created lines of flowers as a background for mannequins, welcoming summer to the city, simply and beautifully.

St Valentines “Love Letters” @ Hedonism Wines | London 2020

In this project, specially designed for Hedonism Wines based on their idea of Interactive display – we developed, manufactured and installed out-of-the-box Window Display. It was incredibly popular and had so much feedback on social media! Combining Romanticism and Modernity to achieve this Valentine’s look gave inspiration to young and senior. In the daylight we […]