Interior and Exterior design of a themed yacht @ “KABUKI Yacht” | Croatia 2020

Themed boat for a unique holiday experience? Yes, we can do it! When we were commissioned by the owner to create a unique and eye-catching design for her Dufour 56 yacht, the Kosa Art Group team took inspiration from Kabuki, a traditional form of Japanese theatre. We drew inspiration from the elaborate colours and patterns […]

Concept design @ “Nami-Nori” Sailing catamaran | Italy 2022

Our second boat design project is currently at the concept stage and ready to be implemented soon! Nami-Nori is from Japanese meaning “on the wave” or “riding the wave”, which is just beautiful if you think about the meaning of the word. Kosa designed a fresh brief for the field of charter boats – this […]

Brand identity @ “Cervetti Catamarans” | Italy 2022

Brand identity is not something we normally do – however, we do have some very talented graphic designers in our team + completed Brand Strategy course on out hands! Cervetti tried a few different agencies before us – and none of them could deliver a logo plus identity that spoke to the owner. We managed […]