Haunted Circus @ Halloween | London 2017

Our client chose the Haunted Circus theme for their Halloween shop makeover and we made an immersive decorative set – creepy circus where there are so many details to try to figure out what happened. A zombie clown riding a bicycle with a vampire doll in a cage-cart meets you by the entrance. You enter […]

The Nest. Easter | London 2017

For Easter, we went with a gorgeously natural theme. The main focus of the display was an interactive bird nest with an egg-shaped swing covered in pussy willow. Passers-by could sit in and take pictures inside the egg Swing and with eggs that were shown around it. Both shop windows had a large forest floor […]

Cloud 9. St Valentines Day | London 2017

As inspiration for the shop display for 2017 Valentine’s Day, we used the English saying “to have your head in the clouds” as inspiration and made 8 clouds that people could place their heads into. Again a very artistically rich and interactive display! Some clouds were more natural and white and some were more romantic […]

Mary Loves Jack and a bit of gambling. St Valentines | London 2016

Taking traditional Love Day event to the next level, we developed a theme to provoke emotions in the customers. Playing cards also have their love stories, don’t you know? An affair of Queen and Jack was an especially interesting topic. We designed a “Face in Hole” stand for passers-by to take pictures in it. The […]

House of Hackney collaboration @ La Coqueta | London 2016

Our client’s Kids fashion shop had a collaboration with a famous English brand “House of Hackney” which produces their own patterns for fabric. The project was to make a display using one of their patterns. We created a simple yet bold display and also produced some small props for the inside of the shop.

Christmas in Tokyo @ Antique Shop | Tokyo 2016

A simple and fun makeover of the small shop window display in a cute Antique Shop in Meguro-ku. Our client was really pleased with this display. We created a festive look without using too many props, just a wooden human size mannequin doll wearing stripy socks and a party hat, and ribbons imitating fireworks. The […]

Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Christmas Display | London 2016

Taking inspiration from Charles Dickens story of Christmas Carol we designed a set inside the shop, it was almost like entering a pop-up storybook or a puppet theater… Very rich and creative display. Outside the shop, we placed a giant throne seat made out of presents for passers-by to take pictures in! It had a […]

Halloween @ Artichoke Hampstead | London 2015

výzdoby výloh

For the Organic Vegetable Store we created an enormous and whimsical spiral shape made out of branches and Autumn leaves, it was a truly beautiful piece of art made to highlight the stores features during the end of harvest season.

Rabbit Hole. Easter Display | London 2015

A very fun and fresh display for the wine shop featuring a lot of carrots and many hand-made rabbit toys. Plants were growing out of old shoes and drunk rabbits were jumping out of everywhere!

White Christmas @ La Coqueta | London 2015

La Coqueta’s first window with us was very traditional as they wanted to test our style and we wanted to get to know them better. We went for a simple look, making a large Christmas star from real foliage and Christmas lights. It was a very fresh and welcoming display.