The Nest. Easter | London 2017

Project type

Window display

For Easter, we went with a gorgeously natural theme. The main focus of the display was an interactive bird nest with an egg-shaped swing covered in pussy willow. Passers-by could sit in and take pictures inside the egg Swing and with eggs that were shown around it.

Both shop windows had a large forest floor like structure in front of them made out of wood, sticks, moss, and plants, in which dozens of smaller nests of varying sizes were structurally woven into. We hand painted artificial quail eggs of different sizes to go in some of the bigger nests. We used all natural materials and a lot of climbing plants, making it look really organic and welcoming for customers. We also used some dried plants for the whimsical door wreath. Spring decorations were absolutely stunning this year and we really enjoyed preparing this project.


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