EMOJI Display St Valentines Day @ Hedonism Wines | London 2018

Project type

Art direction

We created an absolutely unmissable window display in the central London this February 2018, spreading loving mood over ST Valentines season! BIG Emoji on the side of the shop had lights inside the heart shaped eyes so it looked stunning at day and night! The Cute Cat on the other side of the store is also very adorable and welcoming 🙂 We also designed and installed a massive window sticker with
many Emoji designs to make a cheerful background to the seasonal display. Shop decorations were interactive and very contemporary for this season. A lot of people took pictures with it! Every detail was carefully picked to match the mood and theme for the wine shop selling their luxurious wines.
Emoji Artwork supplied by “Emoji The Iconic Brand” to which we bow very low and send best regards for allowing us to use their artwork!

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