Creepy Circus @ Vauxhall Marketplace | London 2022

Project type

Event styling

In 2022, we crafted a unique Halloween Decor for the Market Place Vauxhall in London. As the venue is often visited by families with children, we were asked to steer clear of overly frightening items like skeletons and blood splashes. We transformed the space into a haunted retro-circus theme. This classic and timeless theme offers a range of elements, such as freak show, caged animals, acrobatics, and balloons, to work with. We adorned the ceiling with cloths in the shape of the dome, inflated creepy eye balloons, hang silhouettes of gymnasts, and vintage signs. The entrance to the restaurant was designed to look like the huge mouth of a haunted clown. Snakes in cages, painted doll heads, and white rabbits hung from the ceiling. Even the rubbish bins were disguised as circus drums. Dark, atmospheric lighting added to the spooky ambiance, making the venue feel both warm and nostalgic. We’re thrilled with how our decor turned out and the overall impact it had on the visitors.

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