Kids’ Spy House playground design | Czech Republic 2022

Project type

Playground design

At Kosa we stimulate play in all our projects! Creating Kids’ Spy House (a playhouse with a view) was a great experience – when it comes to making fun stuff for children, our imagination strikes a spark! Children’s projects are especially interesting as you can see happy kids running and using your creations, then they invent and create new worlds from the ones you once offered them.
However, children’s projects are often sponsored by adults – adults that choose us for our taste in art and professionalism 🙂 So this project is like yin and yang – intended for children but also for adults so they can enjoy in harmony as a family. The first floor features the Garden Shed – for adults to store garden equipment and tools. The second floor features a multifunctional space for children, with bunk beds and a table for creative projects. The house is equipped with lights, sockets, vents, very comfortable futons and an outdoor bean bag!

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