Humpty Dumpty. Easter | London 2016

Project type

Seasonal displays

All easter eggs turned into Humpty Dumpty eggs! Inspired by a famous English poem we created a unique customer shopping experience by transforming the whole shop into a scenic fairy tale. A big Humpty Dumpty sculpture was seated on a brick wall in front of the shop greeting customers inside. It was a very popular photo point and was extremely “likable“ on Instagram and other social media. Using a lot of handmade smaller eggs with funny faces we decorated the bike near the entrance and hanged some above the till points. To expand the theme we also took Chess game as a background story and created some interesting visuals with it. Along the main windows inside the shop, we placed a low brick wall mixed with some palettes to achieve an urban\contemporary surface on which we displayed seasonal plants inside giant eggshells. As we are very keen on the idea of decor as art, every piece in this project was created by artists who specialize in specific areas of sculpture. A true artwork!

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